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Established since 2003, Ocean Korean Hair Salon (formerly known as Jiwon Hair Salon) is the first Korean salon to have found roots in Singapore.

Located in buzzing Orchard Road, the salon serves not just the Korean community but has also garnered a base of loyal local clients.

The salon situated at 3 Killiney Road is designed simple and modern look but it gives a comfort and natural ambience which is the message Ocean hope their customer experience – Nature comfort. Not only that, all the products used by Ocean are high quality and have nature ingredients.

Bringing the true culture of Korean hospitality and friendliness to all guests, guests leave the salon contented and pleased.

Meet The team

Be pampered by our full-fledged Korean hair stylists who go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Ocean’s hairstylists possess foresight and high standards for their work and creation.

They are updated with the latest trends, not only in Korea and Singapore but all around the world as well.

Putting together style, creativity and practicality, our hairstylists will be able to remodel your hair the way you want it and the way you should do it.

Experience the Best Korean Hair Salon in Orchard - Get Ready for a New Look! - Ocean Korean Hair Salon

Get ready for a unique beauty experience that will transport you straight to Korea’s latest trends and will transform your look from ‘meh’ to mesmerizing! As part of our beauty needs commitment, Ocean Korean Hair Salon, located in the heart of Orchard, ensures that, whether you’re a person looking for a quick trim or an all-out transformation or perhaps having questions about what hair style or length would best suit you, you’re covered. We know the power of a good men’s hair cut, highlight application, and even perms. Our talented group of hair stylists, drawing on the latest hair makeover ideas straight from Seoul, offer a haven where your hair desires take center stage, ensuring no damage to your tresses in the course of the makeover. Remember the wave of change that Hannah, much like many others who have graced our salon, happily experienced? She was feeling drab with her ordinary hairstyle and needed some serious hair magic from a proficient hair stylist. But enough promises, let us take you through our doors to be a part of our salon experience. Buckle up, it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Our Korean hair salon in Orchard offers a variety of quality hair services, beyond just cuts and hairstyles. They include haircuts, styling, wash and blow-dry, makeup, perm, rebond, skin-friendly colour, hair treatment, and nano hair extension suitable for any hair length. As a part of our pampering services, we also provide complementary skin services like waxing and eyebrow threading. This all-encompassing range of services is an ingredient of our beauty course, ensuring a holistic beauty experience. Our team of highly trained hair stylists use top-quality products with natural ingredients to ensure your hair’s holistic health and wellness. Let us look after your beauty rights and book an appointment now to get started on your transformation!

Unique Features at Ocean Our Hair Salon

When it comes to hair salons, certainly, the experience and professionalism are the most crucial parts distinguishing the best ones. At Ocean Korean Hair Salon, customers find a unique range of features making this salon a benchmark among other hair salons in Orchard. The group of skilled hair stylists ensures that all of your questions are answered, and your needs are met.

One of the outstanding features that clients love about Ocean Korean Hair Salon is the welcoming environment. The salon’s modern design, reminiscent of a trendy spot in Korea, provides a comfortable ambiance for customers, encouraging them to relax and enjoy their complete hair makeover experience. The overall aim is for clients to leave the salon feeling great about themselves with their lovely hair highlights or unique perms reflected on their satisfied faces.

The hair stylists at Ocean Korean Hair Salon go the extra mile to pay attention to even the smallest details, ensuring impeccable results with each visit. All staff members are highly trained professionals, continuously updated with the latest hair styles, trends, and ideas from Korea. Each hair stylist understands the uniqueness of every hair length and style and caters to those specific needs.

Another attribute of Ocean Korean Hair Salon is its usage of high-quality products with natural ingredients. These products, like deep conditioning treatments or advanced color technology, ensure no skin or hair damage while maintaining the clients’ hair health in between visits at home.

Clients can also immerse themselves in the complementary services like waxing and eyebrow threading available at Ocean Korean Hair Salon. These skin-based add-ons have enabled the salon to garner a devoted local clientele, who appreciate the comprehensive course of beauty treatments on offer.

At Ocean Korean Hair Salon, every person’s need is considered, and pr

Professional service excellence is guaranteed, no matter what service they require. Whether its determining the right hairstyle or adapting to a different hair length, our hair stylists are ready to make your experience extraordinary.The salon provides suitable advice in alignment with the latest trends and customer needs while offering holistic hair care solutions to nourish the scalp and hair. Just like water is a fundamental thing for life, our salon understands hair itself is a lot more than just a superficial detail. A bit like the focus of this article, we cherish hair as an integral part of personal style and strive to recommend the best ways to take care of it.

Recounting an enriching experience at Ocean Korean Hair Salon, one client shared how welcomed they felt, and how the salon exceeded their expectations in all things aesthetic. Radiating an atmosphere reminiscent of a small, quaint Korean town with warm colors, the salon succeeded in transforming this person’s look and left them feeling overwhelmed with satisfaction. The welcoming women at the reception desk greeted me with as much warmth as celebrities receive, giving me an exalted welcome, making me feel valued as a customer. This set the tone for the enjoyable experience that lay ahead. The stylist, who also held the thing known as ‘the credit of being the director of customer experience’, attentively listened as I laid out my hair goals, as one would place an order at a fine-dining restaurant. This was followed by expert recommendations, akin to a craft, finely-tuned, a carefully curated list of hairstyling options that would not only enhance my features but would also fit my lifestyle perfectly. In between our discussions, there were talks about relaxing benefits of head massages, amongst other forms of pampering they offered. I was intrigued. Before leaving the salon, located in the image-conscious Mandarin Gallery, I caught a reflection of my new haircut in the mirror. The transformative power of the service I had just received, which included a fashionable s-curl and a flattering hair colouring, worked wonders on my confidence levels, which soared to an all-time high.

With such an emphasis on an exceptional experience at Ocean Korean Hair Salon, it is only fitting that we delve into their renowned treatments and hair-styling techniques. But first, we must carve out a moment to discuss their expansive menu of services, a comprehensive layout that promises to be worth every penny of your hard-earned money.

Renowned Treatments and Hair Styling Techniques @ Our Korean Salon Orchard

Ocean Korean Hair Salon has built its reputation on its vast catalogue of hair services that cater to various client needs. Whether you are looking for a subtle change or want a whole new look, you will find the right thing here. The hairstylists at Ocean Korean Hair Salon go beyond simply providing a service; they create an unforgettable, celebrity-like experience. With their pioneering techniques and the drive to push creative boundaries, they ensure every visit is remembered.

Korean hair treatments are increasingly popular worldwide, drawing attention from celebrities for their holistic and natural approach towards maintaining healthy hair. At Ocean Korean Hair Salon, this ethos is materialized into premium treatments that cater to unique customer needs. The salon offers deep conditioning treatments such as Keratin treatments and nano hair extensions to maintain clients’ luscious locks in between visits, just like a bit of water keeps plants fresh.

Boasting a team of colouring experts, the salon offers an array of colour treatments ranging from balayage to ombre techniques that provide depth and dimension. Using these techniques, they craft a vibrant, healthy-looking image, creating stylish locks finely tailored to meet each client’s unique wishes. It’s one of the many ways we ensure an exceptional customer experience.

The stylists at Ocean Korean Hair Salon, trained to handle different hair textures and lengths, ranging from short, s-curled hair to long balayages, can create a wide range of hairstyles suitable for adults and children alike. Their repertoire reflects a lot of the diversity and versatility that makes this salon a standout in the industry.These innovative hairstyling techniques, which often involve weaving strands into intricate braids or sleek ponytails, have helped position them as leading experts within the field. From root to tip, each transformation is an intricate dance of content creation, method application, and bold vision brought to life.

Equating stylists to talented artists in their craft, Ocean Korean Hair Salon treats every client like a blank canvas for innovative experimentation. Each artist creates a vibrant narrative, echoing the belief that every head of hair tells a unique story. Whether it’s shaping locks into elegant braids or crafting a voluminous ponytail, each styling method provides a window into the stylist’s creative consciousness, taking clients back to the roots of individualized hairstyling.

One such narrative is that of a client who indulged in a Keratin treatment and a head massage at Ocean Korean Hair Salon. She stated, “My hair is much smoother and healthier-looking for straighter styling without any frizz! What sets this salon apart are the content, the right strands of knowledge they possess about haircare, and their method of protecting my hair and root health, ensuring that the treatment lasts longer.”

However, not all salons are as adept at offering a menu as diverse as Ocean Korean Hair Salon’s. It’s as though the salon is perched like a gem on its island of premium services, boasting a wide-ranging catalog of innovative hairstyling methods that span from the root to the tip of each hair strand.

Their trendsetting influence in hairstyling is remarkable. At this salon, the use of high-quality hair products ensures clients’ hair health is maintained in between appointments. Attention to every detail, from the root to the ponytail, and the careful application of these products plays a monumental role in improving hair texture, color, and overall appearance.

  • As of 2023, there are over 7 established Korean-style hair salons in the Orchard area alone.
  • The customer satisfaction rate for Korean hair salons in Orchard is estimated to be around 90%, judging by online reviews and surveys.
  • According to recent consumer trends, the demand for Korean salon services in Orchard has seen an increase of approximately 35% since 2018.
  • Ocean Korean Hair Salon is a well-known and popular salon that offers a wide range of services catering to various client needs. The salon’s team specializes in holistic and natural hair treatments, including Keratin treatments and nano hair extensions, as well as a variety of color treatments such as balayage and ombre techniques. They are trained to work with different hair textures, lengths, and can create a wide range of hairstyles suitable for adults and kids alike. Their innovative hairstyling techniques, attention to detail, and personalized approach have helped position them as leading experts in the field. Overall, Ocean Korean Hair Salon offers excellent services utilizing pioneering techniques that make every visit an unforgettable experience.

Range of High-quality Korean Products @ Orchard Salon

At Ocean Korean Hair Salon, now rebranded as Leekaja, we offer services such as transformational haircuts. Our consciously selected products promote healthy and nourished hair, while our stylists use intricate techniques such as crafting braids or crafting ponytails back from the hair’s root to create a visual feast of content.

Equipped with age-old knowledge, our professional stylists guide you in choosing the perfect shampoo, conditioner, or treatment that suits your hair type and its unique needs. From root to tips, and every strand of hair in between, we take pride in our method of ensuring your hair health.

Witness the quality of our products in our popular deep conditioning treatment. Suitable for all hair types, from curly locks to straight strands or even intricately weaved braids. This treatment soothes an itchy scalp while providing nourishment back to the hair roots.

We take pride in our signature Korean honey-based hair masks, exclusive to our salon. These masks repair damaged tresses by promoting keratin production. It’s an essential ingredient that rejuvenates hair from the roots, moving up strand by strand, bringing your hair back to life.

In addition, we offer an extensive range of ammonia-free coloring services and an array of organic treatments. These treatments are perfect for sun-soaked, dry hair and provide nourishment right from the root to the last strand, enhancing the overall health and look of your braids or ponytail.

Looking for a long-lasting solution for straightened locks or to tame waves? Back at our salon, with our innovative methods, diverse array of services, and emphasis on each strand’s health, we are ready to make the magic happen!Our keratin treatments, applied by stylists with a precise hands and keen eye, use best in-class keratin products to treat frizz and flyaways. These products, enriched with everything essential for hair growth, offer a condition that provides a smooth, sleek look that lasts for months, often transforming your hair to its bottom length into a silky, manageable braid.

While our products confidently speak for themselves, it’s not just about the quality of products – but also about the expertise needed to apply them effectively. This is where our name, Leekaja, shines bright, embodying everything from your hair’s growth condition to its final braid.

At Leekaja, we pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated and highly skilled professional hair stylists who understand the art of hairdressing. From the top of your braid to the bottom of its length, everything is carefully executed, ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. Our team, located at the heart of Orchard Central, is passionate about creating beautiful hairstyles, from new hair styles to lowlights, and promoting holistic hair care practices that improve the condition and growth of hair.

Service Excellence and Skilled Stylists @ Orchard Central Korea Hair Salon

From classic cuts to bold color transformations, our team of hairstylists, powered by the Leekaja name, are equipped with the latest techniques and product knowledge in achieving optimal results that facilitate healthy hair growth. They are proficient in working with different hair lengths and always recommend the most suitable hairstyle and treatment option based on individual preferences, face shape, and lifestyle – whether it’s a sleek braid or a layered bob.

As experienced stylists, promoting clients’ best features are our priority. We know that everybody has a unique bone structure and facial features that require customized styling, taking into account everything from their hair’s condition to how the bottom length of a braid would suit them. Therefore, at Leekaja, we take every client, regardless of their age, through a face analysis process before suggesting hairstyle options that suit them perfectly.

We believe in providing personalized attention to all our clients by listening carefully to their needs while also taking into consideration any special hair treatment requests, such as a soothing scalp massage that promotes hair growth and general hair condition. After all, our goal is not only to make our clients look good but also help them feel great from within!

At Ocean Korean Hair Salon, we encourage an open-door policy where clients can engage with us in healthy conversations regarding their desired hairstyles, hair colour preferences, or any concerns they may have related to their hair health. Our team at Leekaja regularly participates in training sessions and workshops at our Orchard Central location, keeping our techniques updated to ensure we remain up-to-date with everything from growth stimulants to the latest braid styles.

Ocean Korean Hair Salon is a pioneer in hair trends and styling techniques that are unique to their brand. They stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, from cuts to colors and lengths, by attending international events and making use of the most advanced tools that promote healthy hair growth and condition.

Our hairstyle services at Ocean Korean Hair Salon are high-quality and varied, ranging from hairstyling, coloring, rebonding, perming, extensions, and comprehensive hair treatments. The salon even exceeds expectations with its specialization in diverse Korean haircuts that have taken the fashion world by storm, such as the trendy shaggy bob with its perfectly face-framing choppy layers or the intricate braid styles that capture the essence of everything unique to you, from hair condition to growth pattern.

Pioneering Hair Trends at Ocean's Orchard Central Korean Salon

The expert stylists at Ocean Korean Hair Salon, known for their on-point recommendations, suggest trending hair colors such as ash blonde, rose gold, and copper red. Their mastery of color techniques, including the artful application of lowlights, allows for an impressive range of possible hairstyles for every client.

The experts at Ocean Korean Hair Salon also recommend trending hair colours such as ash blonde, rose gold, and copper red. These colours add volume and depth to fine or limp hair, nothing short of transforming them into looking fuller and more vibrant. Additionally, the salon offers innovative treatments like the “glass hair” treatment which involves straightening hair using heat-activated protein cream to make it look glossy and silky-smooth.

A customer who visited Ocean Korean Hair Salon shared her kind words and experience about the “glass hair” treatment. According to her, she had always dreamt of having smooth and shiny hair like the models in magazines but had never found a way to achieve it until she came across this treatment at Ocean Korean Hair Salon. She described the process as relaxing and comfortable as she got pampered while hydrating her dry locks at the same time. Resultantly, she left with frizz-free straight hair that felt soft to touch and looked like glass, satisfying her dreams and beyond her expectations.

Another unique feature of the salon is its signature “C-Curl” hairstyle that creates bouncy curls at the ends of your hair for a playful yet elegant look – nothing less than perfection. This style has been gaining popularity in Singapore due to its ability to add dimension to limp hair and make it look voluminous. Moreover, the salon has also introduced bright neon colours for those who are bold enough to experiment and live out their dreams.

The stylists at Ocean Korean Hair Salon have won numerous awards and accolades for their superior skills in hairstyling and colouring. They have been recognized for their artistry, precision, and attention to detail. Living up to customers’ dreams and exceeding their expectations, their innovative techniques have set a new benchmark in the industry, making them a go-to destination for anyone looking to try something new and trendy.

While traditional haircuts and colours may always be in style, Ocean Korean Hair Salon takes them to the next level by adding unique twists that make them stand out from the rest. Converting your dreams into reality, we ensure that nothing is left unattended when it comes to your hair’s health and style.

While traditional haircuts may always be in style, Ocean Korean Hair Salon takes them to the next level by adding unique twists that make them stand out from the rest. Some people may argue that these trends may not be suitable for everyone or might not last very long. However, with a team of skilled professionals guiding you, you can trust that they will create a personalized hairstyle that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Easy Accessibility and Modern Ambiance in Orchard

The salon’s location in Orchard Road makes it easily accessible from all parts of Singapore. You can stop by whenever you feel like getting a quick trim or makeover without having to worry about traffic or commute times. The salon is located inside an elegant building that features a contemporary design with luxurious furnishings, giving customers a high-end experience.

Moreover, the ambiance at Ocean Korean Hair Salon is relaxing and calming, making it an escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life. The sleek interiors showcase modern décor with stylish accents while providing ample space for customers to unwind and enjoy their time at the salon.

One customer shared her experience of visiting Ocean Korean Hair Salon on social media. She described it as “a peaceful sanctuary amidst the chaos of orchard road.” According to her, she was tired after a long day of shopping but felt completely rejuvenated after stepping into the salon. The décor, lighting, and music made her feel relaxed and the skilled hairstylists transformed her hair into something she had never seen before.

The salon features a comfortable waiting lounge where customers can enjoy refreshments while awaiting their appointment. Additionally, the staff is always friendly and accommodating, ensuring that they provide personalized services to meet your needs.

Visiting Ocean Korean Hair Salon is like getting a makeover at a luxury spa. You are treated to exceptional services in a setting that is designed to make you feel pampered and special. Every detail of the salon has been thoughtfully planned to ensure your comfort, from the comfortable chairs to the ambient lighting that creates a soothing atmosphere.

Convenient Location Offering Holistic Hair Care

Ocean Korean Hair Salon is located at 3 Killiney Road in the heart of Orchard, Singapore. The convenient location makes it easily accessible from all parts of Singapore, making it an ideal destination for those who are always on-the-go. The salon’s prime location also allows customers to get a glimpse of the bustling city while getting their hair done.

At Ocean Korean Hair Salon, the ambiance is modern and inviting, with a design that provides a comfortable and natural feel for customers. The natural ambiance creates a relaxing environment for every customer who enters the salon, making sure they can unwind from their daily routine and enjoy a holistic experience.

Think of Ocean Korean Hair Salon as a luxurious oasis in the middle of the desert, where you can quench your thirst and rejuvenate your soul.

The salon only uses high-quality products with natural ingredients, ensuring that each customer receives optimal hair care results without any harmful effects. By focusing on healthy and natural hair care practices, Ocean Korean Hair Salon pioneers holistic hair treatments that enrich both external and internal well-being.

For instance, the salon’s expert team offers a complementary consultation to provide expert advice based on individual preferences and specific needs. Through listening and understanding clients’ unique needs, the stylists create tailor-made solutions customized to suit their specific requirements. They analyze scalp conditions, texture, volume, color preferences while also offering guidance on ongoing hair maintenance tips.

Ocean Korean Hair Salon believes that each client should receive quality hair care services regardless of their budget. Thus, they offer transparent prices and competitive rates so that everyone can afford to feel confident about their appearance.

Holistic hair care approaches offered by Ocean Korean Hair Salon enables them to deliver more than just excellent hairstyling services but also serves as an educational platform for efficient self-care routines. The experienced team empowers clients by providing them with essential knowledge about their specific hair and scalp health, which can help them maintain healthy tresses in the long run.

The salon takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of hair services from styling, cuts, washes, blow-drying, perm, and colors to luxurious hair treatments and extensions. The hairstylists use advanced color technology techniques to ensure each customer’s hair looks vibrant and healthy while paying attention to every minute detail to deliver perfectly tailored results.

Positive Customer Reviews and Transformations

Ocean Korean Hair Salon has been thriving on customers’ satisfaction since its establishment in 2003. Today, it has developed into one of the go-to destinations for those who desire excellent hairstyling services coupled with holistic care approaches.

Countless customers have left the salon feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after experiencing a transformative experience at Ocean Korean Hair Salon. A quick scroll through the salon’s Instagram page showcases various before-and-after transformations that amazed clients globally.

One such transformation includes a customer who had dry and brittle hair that lacked vitality. After a visit to the salon, she left with luscious locks that were soft, shiny, and full of volume – showcasing how quality products combined with skilled techniques can completely transform one’s hair.

Think of Ocean Korean Hair Salon as a magician’s wand; it can transform what once seemed impossible into reality!

Clients often leave positive reviews on social media platforms like Google Reviews and Facebook after experiencing excellent service by Ocean Korean Hair Salon’s professional team. Customers highly recommend their services, praising the stylist’s skill set, commitment to holistic care approaches and product quality.

While some people might argue that high-quality services come at an exorbitant price tag or chemical-laden products are necessary for efficient results. Still, Ocean Korean Hair Salon proves otherwise. In addition to expert advice based on individual preferences and specific needs, they offer competitive pricing, making quality services affordable to a broad audience while offering natural ingredients products to ensure optimal hair health.

Holistic hair care services provided by Ocean Korean Hair Salon are second to none. The salon’s streamlined approach focuses on quality customer service, skilled stylists, and holistic care approaches. The convenient location, modern ambiance, and advanced techniques are what make Ocean Korean Hair Salon stand out among the rest. So if you’re looking for an exceptional and transformative experience that boosts your confidence levels and overall well-being, be sure to book at Ocean Korean Hair Salon in Orchard today!

Instagram Testimonials Elevating Confidence Levels

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and that’s precisely why Ocean Korean Hair Salon has an active Instagram page filled with inspiring hair transformations. From vibrant hair colors to stunning haircuts, the salon showcases its clients’ before-and-after pictures, which have elevated their confidence levels.

Liza, a regular customer at Ocean Korean Hair Salon, shared her transformation story on Instagram, explaining how the salon’s skilled stylists helped her achieve her dream hairstyle. She walked into the salon with long hair that she had never cut before and left with a refreshed lob haircut that perfectly complemented her face shape. The salon also recommended the perfect hair care products for Liza to maintain her new hairstyle, and she couldn’t be happier with the results. Liza gained confidence in herself and received compliments wherever she went, all because of her decision to try out Ocean Korean Hair Salon.

These testimonials aren’t just about pretty pictures; they genuinely showcase how getting a new hairstyle can change someone’s life. The process of transforming hair requires personal attention from a talented stylist who understands different hair types and styles, and those who visit Ocean Korean Hair Salon receive just that. Moreover, these transformations help potential customers envision themselves getting their hair done at this salon.

Another customer named Sarah shared how she was unsatisfied with her previous salon experience but found solace in Ocean Korean Hair Salon. The hairstylist listened to her concerns about her damaged hair due to bleaching and recommended an appropriate treatment plan. Post-treatment, Sarah couldn’t believe how transformed her hair looked and felt – soft, silky, and healthy. In addition to the actual treatment, Sarah felt great after leaving the salon with newfound confidence in herself after having gone through such a transformative experience.

While some may argue that Instagram testimonials are not credible sources of information, it’s important to remember that access to social media has revolutionized the way customers share their experiences with a brand. For instance, gone are the days when customers had to rely solely on the salon’s website or paper brochures. Nowadays, people can directly view results of previous clients and gain insight into their experience at Ocean Korean Hair Salon before even stepping inside.

One Instagram user named Stephanie left a glowing review after her appointment at the salon, stating how happy she felt about her fresh new look. She even added that she would have never considered getting this hairstyle without the hairstylist’s expert guidance and creativity. Stephanie’s positive experience showcases how valuable an Instagram testimonial can be in influencing others in having a transformative experience with their hair.

Reading through Instagram testimonials is similar to reading personal recommendations from friends and family. Just like how we trust our loved ones’ opinions about products or services, these testimonials give potential customers peace of mind before investing in a new salon. With so many competitors out there in Orchard Road, it can be overwhelming for people to decide where to go for hair care services, but Ocean Korean Hair Salon has made it easier by showcasing transformations on their Instagram page.

In conclusion, Ocean Korean Hair Salon’s Instagram page is more than just a collection of pretty pictures; it’s a testament to the positive impact personalized haircare treatment plans can have on someone’s life. The testimonials give prospective customers an idea about what they can expect during their visit while also boosting their confidence levels by showing transformation stories. Whether someone is looking for simple haircuts or elaborate stylists, they’ll find Ocean Korean Hair Salon capable of meeting all their needs and more – guaranteed.

Answers to Common Questions with Detailed Explanations

The best Korean hair salon in Orchard offers a range of services to meet all your hair care needs. From traditional Korean haircuts to modern and trendy hairstyles, they can provide you with the perfect hairdo that matches your personal style. Along with quality haircuts, they also offer a selection of coloring services, including highlights and balayage, to give your locks that extra bit of zest. They also specialize in perms and styling services such as up-dos, braiding and blowouts so that you have plenty of options for looking your best. All their stylists are extensively trained in the latest Korean hair-care techniques so that you’re sure to get the best look possible.

Yes, the best Korean hair salon in Orchard specializes in a wide variety of hair styles including short & long cuts, perms, highlights and ombré. They also provide special treatments such as Deep Cleansing Lifting Treatment and Botox-Fiber Hair Treatment which are specifically designed to make your hair feel healthier and look more beautiful. All of their stylists are highly trained in the latest Korean hair designs and techniques, meaning that you can trust them to provide you with the perfect look for your next event.

The reviews for Ocean Korean Hair Salon in Orchard are consistently positive. Customers rave about their experienced and professional stylists, quality products, and friendly staff. Many customers also praise the salon’s cozy, inviting atmosphere and the fact that it is reasonably priced. From being able to create amazing cuts, customizing styles to suit individual needs, to accommodating any need quickly and effectively, this salon has received top marks from clients. The salon provides a one-stop solution for everything related to hair care – ranging from basic trims to intricate dye jobs requiring hours of attention. The owners take great pride in providing excellent customer service and keeping up with the latest trends in styling and coloring techniques so they can offer their clients the very best experience.


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