Ocean Korean Hair Salon

about us

Established since 2003, Ocean Korean Hair Salon (formerly known as Jiwon Hair Salon) is the first Korean salon to have found roots in Singapore.

Located in buzzing Orchard Road, the salon serves not just the Korean community but has also garnered a base of loyal local clients.

The salon situated at 3 Killiney Road is designed simple and modern look but it gives a comfort and natural ambience which is the message Ocean hope their customer experience – Nature comfort. Not only that, all the products used by Ocean are high quality and have nature ingredients.

Bringing the true culture of Korean hospitality and friendliness to all guests, guests leave the salon contented and pleased.

Meet The team

Be pampered by our full-fledged Korean hair stylists who go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Ocean’s hairstylists possess foresight and high standards for their work and creation.

They are updated with the latest trends, not only in Korea and Singapore but all around the world as well.

Putting together style, creativity and practicality, our hairstylists will be able to remodel your hair the way you want it and the way you should do it.


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