Hair Treatment

Dry and frizzy hair? Hair loss and irritation on your scalp?
Let us help! With our various effective treatment methods, you’ll feel the sleekness when you’re showering!

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From long time ago, treatment is just focuses on the hair itself, But now our Korean approach is caring for the scalp. We believe that a healthy scalp is the sustainable solution to have good looking hair.

Our scalp treatment begins with PH Balancing then exfoliate hair follicles to get rid of excessive oils, dead skin cells and dirty chemical residues with Aqua Punch Machine. Afterwards, you will feel completely relax with scalp massage and nourishing. 

If you crave healthy hair growth then try our scalp treatment to feel the difference.
We promise you won’t disappoint!

scalp treatment
  • Cinderella Clinic $300++

    An plant extract keratin hair treatment will give you back the shine for those who have damaged hair after multiples of chemical process done like color bleaching or perming.

  • Mucota Treatment $210++

    A korean formulation five-steps treatment that hydrates in different moistures and concentrated protein supply to build strength and prevent breakages.

  • Scalp Treatment $190++

    While scalp treatment we soothes and relieves your scalp.
    Aqua Punch to scailing built up of excessive sebum and product residue that can clog hair follicles. Finishing with scalp nourishing.

  • Aqua Punch $80

    Simply adding on this Aqua Punch service to reduce scalp problems like dandruff and oiliness.

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