Looking to perm your hair? 
Our professional Korean hair stylist will help you look natural with awesome curls!
At Ocean Korean Hair Salon, ladies can choose to look feminine, beautiful, or smokey and sultry.
And for men, an easier styling experience and a fuller appearance too!

Singapore's Trusted Korean Hair Salon Since 2003

If you have got healthy hair that is ready for a perm, our signature volume big wave perm is all you will ever need. With our specially imported perm chemicals and treatment solutions from Korea, you can enjoy a S curl, C curl or even more higher curls that gives the most natural look. Our perm is firmly influenced by K-pop stars so don’t be surprised if you resemble your favorite K-artist post-perm!

  • Normal Perm $160++

    Makes the wave most prominent when the hair is wet, and loose when it is dry. The hair tends to have more volume and texture.

  • Digital Perm $260++

    Trendy big wavy demand looks.

  • Root Perm $190++

    Only root area permed to make supports. This gives the appearance of greater volume for naturally flat hair.

  • Iron Perm $190++

    Heat perm for the short hair! Volume and Texture will be there to makes set your hair easier.

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